20 Rarely Seen Photos Of Kate Middleton Before She Married Prince William

Kate Middleton is something of a fashion paradox. On one hand, this royal and her matching hats are always immaculately dressed. But sometimes the elaborate royal clothing tends to blend together and hide the true fashion icon underneath.

However, Kate Middleton is just as much of a fashionista as her late mother-in-law Princess Diana. Before Kate married Prince William on April 29, 2011 and officially became a royal, she could be daring in her fashion choices.

Here are 20 rarely seen photos of Kate Middleton before she married Prince William that showcase her style!

Party chic

When Kate showed up for the UK premiere of the documentary Tenacity of the Tasman on November 19, 2009, she embodied party-girl chic. The blue dress, black coat, and black scarf strike a nice balance between being very cool and being very comfortable.

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Dressing down (sort of)

Kate Middleton is so fashionable that she even looks fancy when she dresses down. For example, this was her ensemble on June 22, 2008, when she attended a Beaufort Polo Club in Gloucestershire. It’s meant to be casual, but she makes this V-necked sweater, jeans, and belt look absolutely regal.

Everyday elegance

Kate Middleton doesn’t need a special occasion in order to look her best. For a simple London outing on August 15, 2008, she wore this hypnotic belted dress. With bold colors and patterns, she was definitely dressing to impress.

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A sportier look

Princes William and Prince Harry both love to play polo, and Kate attended one of their matches on May 4, 2008. For this more casual event, Kate wore skinny jeans with a stylish buckle, a black shirt, a short tan jacket, and topped it all off with a pear of stylish black boots.

Disco daze

It’s tough to imagine Kate Middleton partying like an ’80s disco girl. But that’s exactly what happened on September 17, 2008 when she showed up at South London’s Renaissance Rooms wearing a green sequined halter top, yellow hot pants, and pink leg warmers.

Kate was there for an ’80s-themed charity roller disco benefitting Tom’s Ward at the Oxford Children’s Hospital and Place2Be, a charity that provides counseling to children. As one of the event’s organizers, Kate stayed true to the ’80s theme.

Face it: anyone who can do good and look good at the same time is nothing short of a fashion queen!

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The most casual Kate

Still don’t think Kate does casual? Here we see her on June 23, 2005: the day she graduated from the University of St. Andrews. And with her jeans and tank top, she embodies the joy of a student who will never take another test again.

Woman about town

Once more, Kate doesn’t really need any excuse to blow us away with her style. For a simple trip about London on May 17, 2007, she wore a simple pair of jeans, a comfy shirt, and a stylish jacket. But she brought the whole look together with a snazzy belt, beige Uggs, and an enormous white necklace.

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Kate’s secret weapon

Here we see Kate Middleton traveling London once again on May 11, 2007, looking effortlessly chic. She’s wearing a short, dark blue evening dress with a stylish black jacket. Throw in her secret weapon, classy metallic pumps, and Kate is ready for any occasion.

Yay for beret

March 16, 2007 was the last day for the Cheltenham Festival in Gloucestershire, England. On this occasion, Kate wore a stylish coat, but what really stood out was her paisley scarf and black beret. It turns out that she really can make any hat look amazing!

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Kate’s big night

We’ve seen a lot of Kate’s daytime fashions for her adventures in London, but what about the evening? On February 1, 2007, she wore this breathtaking printed dress for her big night out. And just like that, she created another timeless party look!

Pre-Wimbledon party

Needless to say, Kate travels in some pretty fancy circles. On June 22, 2006, she attended the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour’s pre-Wimbledon party hosted by none other than Sir Richard Branson. And she blew them all away with her floral skirt, black button-up, and her greatest asset: a killer smile.

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Bluebird party

Kate Middleton loves to party, and she always brings her fashion A-game. On June 14, 2006, she attended a major bash at her favorite restaurant, Bluebird London. And as the gentleman behind her tells us, her floral dress and pink cardigan were truly stunning!

Horsing around

Kate Middleton attends more than just royal events and polo matches. On March 14, 2008, she rocked this outfit to the Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival. On anyone else, a black fedora and navy trenchcoat would mean “blending in,” but Kate can’t help but stand out.

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The after party

Kate’s style is at its best when it shows her personality. On January 17, 2008, she attended the opening night performance of the circus show Afrika! Afrika! at London’s O2 Arena. With the cheetah print dress hidden under her black coat, she’s clearly ready to channel her wild side!

Indiana… Kate?

Wondering where Indiana Jones gets his clothes? Maybe Kate Middleton can tell us. Here she wears a brown coat, hat, and boots that would make Dr. Jones proud. The outfit might seem a bit unusual, but it was the perfect choice for the equestrian Festival of British Eventing at Gatcombe Park on August 6, 2006.

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A non-royal wedding

When their friends Harry Mead and Rosie Bradford got married on October 23, 2010, Kate and William were in attendance. Once again, she kept things stunningly simple. The blue dress, black coat, and dark heels were perfect for the occasion, and she topped it off with one of her famous hats.

Wedding veteran

Kate Middleton attends a lot of weddings, including the wedding of Lady Rose Windor and George Gilman at the Queens Chapel in London. They got hitched on July 19, 2008, and Kate wore a floral-print satin dress, a blue jacket, and a fascinator in her hair. It sounds like these items would clash, but Kate pulls it all together into a stunning look.

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Casual evening attire

When Kate Middleton and Prince William showed up at the Christmas Spectacular charity event on December 18, 2010, her style really stood out. The black and white dress, black coat, and dark stockings create an effortlessly awesome evening look.

Order of the Garter service

Back on June 16, 2008, Kate was dating Prince William and attended many official events. Here, we can see her chatting during the Order of the Garter service at St. George’s Chapel. With her polka dot suit and rakish hat, Kate stole the show and proved she could easily rub shoulders with the royal family.

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Happily ever after

On August 14, 2009, Kate Middleton attended the wedding of Nicholas van Cutsem and Alice Hadden-Paton. When she showed up to The Guards Chapel, Wellington Barracks, Kate wore a patterned Jane Troughton brocade coat and matching Jane Corbett hat.

All we can say to Kate is this: are you trying to upstage the bride?