The Best Pictures of Kate Middleton’s Children From King Charles’ Coronation

Recently, King Charles was officially coronated as the King of England. It was a title he already had, of course. But royal custom holds that it’s important to give the public a proper amount of time to grieve the previous monarch (in this case, Queen Elizabeth) before officially coronating the next top monarch.

While Charles looks like he had a good time at the coronation, he simply can’t compete with the children of Prince William and Kate Middleton. At every turn, these mischievous kids were cutting up, making hilarious faces, and generally showing us exactly how seriously they were taking all these royal proceedings.

What were the best photos of these royal children from the coronation, and just how did they keep cracking us up in picture after picture? Keep reading to find out!

A royal raspberry?

As the eldest child, Prince George had to serve as one of the Pages of Honour during the coronation. It’s a pretty serious job, but you might not get that impression when you see this future King of England sticking his tongue out when he thinks nobody is watching.

A tiring coronation

As usual, Prince Louis stole the show in many of these photos. We particularly like this moment, which seems to capture a royal yawn. Very bored or just very tired? We’ll leave that one for you to decide.

Cutting up behind the king

Here, we see King Charles in all of his most important royal regalia of the day. Even as the king waves, though, it looks like George and the rest of the Pages of Honour are cutting up behind the king’s back. Just check out that devilish grin!

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Louis is a helper (sometimes)

In most of these photos, Prince Louis is smiling, frowning, or just cutting up when he thinks nobody is watching. Here, though, we see him with a very serious face as he points out something interesting to his older sister.

A royal album cover?

Speaking of serious photos, we can’t stop staring at this image of Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte. Forget the coronation of King Charles…these two look like they’re about to drop the hottest new album of the year!

George at his most serious

Contrary to the other images, being a Page of Honour is about more than cutting up and cracking grins. When the time comes, George is able to put on his most serious “game face” with the eyes of the nation upon him.

Prince Louis is the face of us all

One of the reasons Louis has so many fans is that he is completely incapable of taking all these royal proceedings seriously. Here, for example, he’s rocking the kind of expression we always try to hide when we get dragged to a boring and stuffy event, and we really appreciate his honesty in this matter.

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The royal scream

We’re pretty sure this wasn’t a scheduled part of the day’s coronation events. But judging from this hilarious photo of Prince Louis, we kind of think the next coronation needs to include a dedicated royal scream event where members of the family can tell us how they really feel.

Patriotic power

Ideally, you’d expect the leader of a nation to be patriotic. And we’re pleased to report that Prince William and Prince George, two future Kings of England, are just absolutely excited to be waving the Union Jack.

Charlotte lights up

The day’s events included a concert for entertainment. And judging from this photo, nobody got more into it than Princess Charlotte, who is both enchanted and delighted.

Getting ready to steer the nation

Here, we see Prince George behind the wheel, and he looks a bit apprehensive to be there. As for Prince William, we think he’s having even more fun than his kids!

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Charlotte the archer

We’re not sure if Princess Charlotte is a big fan of The Hunger Games or not. But in this image, she’s certainly letting her inner Katniss Everdeen out to play.

Louis getting roasted (marshmallows)

Royals typically have refined palates, but nobody can deny the taste of a good marshmallow. Judging from the face Louis has here, the taste is so good that his whole brain is shutting down.

Louis the angry archer

Like Charlotte, Louis got his time to play archer. But judging from his scary face, we’d honestly hate to be whatever the young prince is aiming at!

Two very serious drivers

With George, Prince William couldn’t stop laughing as they got behind the wheel. Here, though, William and Louis seem to have the most serious looks on their faces as they drive.

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Getting royally dragged

There is something edifying about this picture that parents everywhere can really appreciate. It turns out that no matter how rich and famous you are, Kate Middleton is proof that you’ll still have to plaster your best smile on and drag an unruly kid around from time to time.

Putting Louis to work

The Royal Family is often accused of never doing any real work. Don’t tell that to Prince Louis, though, who seems to be devoting 100% of his attention to some heavy lifting.