7 Times Royal Children Upstaged Their Famous Families

One of the best things about being a royal is that wherever you go, you’re generally the most important person in the room. That means all eyes are always on the royals…unless, of course, the royal in question happened to bring a cute kid or two along.

There is no better example of this than the children of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Those two are the future King and Queen of England, so they understandably command major attention wherever they go. However, their children have quietly mastered the art of stealing the show from their famous parents whenever possible.

Don’t believe it? Keep reading to discover the most hilarious times that royal children upstaged their famous families!

Prince William’s kids and Trooping the Colour

Most of the time, William and Kate’s kids end up mugging for the camera at very unexpected times. The exception to this is the Trooping the Colour event. When it comes to this event, you can practically set your watch to see royal children acting out in hilarious ways.

For example, People reports that George’s first Trooping the Color occurred when he was only 22 months old. He rocked a baby blue outfit and did his best to emulate the adults, giving a royal wave that the crowd couldn’t get enough of. Later, though, George developed a kind of signature grumpy face that he always manages to bring to the event.

Meanwhile, Louis’ first Trooping the Colour appearance was a bit more contentious than his brother’s. Harper’s Bazaar notes that the 12-year-old made a series of wacky faces and waved his arms so vigorously that he ended up hitting Queen Camilla’s hat on at least one occasion.

As for Charlotte, she’s usually busy being the good kid during this annual event. From her first appearance at only 12 months old to the most recent event, Charlotte is typically a perfect example of royal manners, though this doesn’t always keep her from looking amused at her brothers’ antics.

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Prince George’s royal tour

For better or for worse, royal history tends to repeat itself. King Charles and Princess Diana once went on a royal tour and took Prince William with them to Australia. Decades later, when Prince William and Kate Middleton took their own royal tour of Australia and New Zealand, they decided to bring Prince George along.

George commanded most of the media attention wherever they went, though he didn’t always leave a great impression. Vanity Fair reports that at one point, the young royal was given a stuffed toy that he immediately fell to the floor. This left his embarrassed father to sheepishly reassure everyone present that, “He does love it, honestly.”

Prince Louis and the charity polo event

Part of what makes these kids such a “royal” hit is that they usually have no idea of just how funny they are acting. And Prince Louis certainly demonstrated this when he and his parents visited the Billingbear Polo Club in 2019.

Louis could barely toddle at that point, but he was still sneaky enough to snag his mother’s sunglasses. At this point, William and Kate were very nearly forgotten by the media in attendance as they rushed to get images and videos of Louis doing his unintentional Boss Baby impression.

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Prince George is twinning with Prince William

What makes most of the entries on this list so funny is that these royal children are acting nothing like their famous parents. However, there was at least one occasion where George stole the show by emulating his father a little too much.

After Princess Charlotte was born, Prince William brought George along with him to St. Mary’s hospital. There, both of them gave a little wave to the cameras. And it’s tough to look at the image of George perfectly twinning with his father right down to their wardrobe and not have your heart melt into a puddle.

Princess Charlotte gives the wave

One thing you should know about Princess Charlotte is that she’s not one to ever be overshadowed by her siblings. So while George may have given a famous wave to the cameras after Charlotte was born, Charlotte decided to give her own wave to the media when Prince Louis was born.

When William brought both Charlotte and George to St. Mary’s hospital to meet their new sibling, Charlotte decided she needed to steal the show. Toward this end, she turned around and waved to the adoring crowds, all while giving a very impish little grin.

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Prince George meets Barack Obama

International diplomacy is a pretty complex topic that is often very difficult to understand. However, we feel confident in saying that it has never looked quite as cute as it did when Prince George got to meet President Barack Obama.

George’s parents let him stay up late to meet the president, and the lateness of the hour likely explains why George is wearing pajamas and an adorable robe. He ultimately shook Obama’s hands while looking a tad wary, even as both William and Obama gave their most disarming smiles.

Princess Charlotte and the Commonwealth Games

Compared to her siblings, Princess Charlotte is usually considered the most well-behaved of William and Kate’s children. However, that doesn’t mean she’s immune to acting downright goofy at times, and this was on full display during the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Maybe because she got to leave her brothers at home, Charlotte was insanely invested in the games. At times, she made faces, dramatically gasped, and even grabbed her braided hair in frustration. Here’s one royal that’s closer to the average sports fan than you might expect to see around Buckingham Palace!

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