30 Photos of Presidents and Their Families at the Beach

Pop quiz: what images do you think about when you think about presidents and their families?

Most of us think of very official and professional photos. You know the kind: ones where everyone is dressed up and posing around the White House or in sprawling estates.

However, even presidents can’t ignore the call of the beach. And when presidents bring their families to the water, we get some photos that are unforgettably genuine, emotional, and hilarious.

Don’t believe it? Keep reading to discover our treasure trove of awesome beach photos! Did your favorite president make the list?

Young Joe and Beau Biden

Image courtesy of Reddit

We tend to think of President Joe Biden as an old man. But this awesome photo shows a young Joe and even younger Beau at the beach in the 1970s.

Jill Biden gets playful

Image courtesy of Vogue

These days, Jill Biden is known as a very serious educator and first lady. But this image shows how playful she was with Joe in 1986.

Joe and Ashley Biden

Image courtesy of Vogue

These days, Ashley Biden is all grown up. But when she was little and vacationing in Hawaii, she was small enough for Joe to chase around with a water hose!

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Ivanka’s beach reading

Image courtesy of The Sun

At the beach, Ivanka Trump likes to just plop into a comfy chair and get some reading done.

Melania Trump at the beach

Image courtesy of MelaniaTrump.com

Here’s a photo at the beach from First Lady Melania Trump’s modeling days.

Kamala and Doug kick back

Image courtesy of People

Relative to many on this list, Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff lead very private lives. But this photo gives us a rare glimpse of the two kicking back at the beach!

Barack Obama paddleboarding

Image courtesy of The Daily Mail

Barack Obama was one of our most physically-fit presidents. And you know what that means: no shortage of topless photos, especially when he decides to go paddleboarding!

Ivanka, pregnant at the beach

Image courtesy of Us Magazine

One of Ivanka Trump’s better qualities is that she is seemingly fearless. And if anyone doubts this, just check out Ivanka looking effortlessly cool while pregnant at the beach!

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Beau and Hunter bring the fireworks

Image courtesy of Vogue

Everyone has a different idea of what “fun at the beach” means. For example, when Hunter and Beau Biden visited Hawaii in the 1980s, they got a big kick out of playing with fireworks!

Michelle Obama is all business

Us Magazine

Out of the Obama family, Michelle seems to be the shyest about showing skin in front of cameras. And as this photo shows, Michelle is all business when it comes to having fun!

Ella Emhoff on a boat

Image courtesy of The Daily Mail

As Vice President Kamala Harris’s stepdaughter, Ella Emhoff is usually presented to us as a young ingenue and genius designer. But as this picture of her chilling on a yacht shows she’s a regular girl on vacation.

Melania and the whale

Image courtesy of Sports Illustrated

While Michelle might have been all business at the beach, Melania seems like she is all business all the time. But this picture of her modeling days shows she has a strong sense of humor, even if it’s a strange one.

Biden beach trio

Image courtesy of Vogue

Of course, you can’t play with fireworks all the time. By day, Beau and Hunter Biden, along with their friend journalist Dana Thomas, enjoyed some Hawaiian fun in the sun.

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Malia in Miami

Image courtesy of MEGA

If Ella Emhoff growing up before our eyes seems familiar, it’s probably because you remember watching Sasha and Malia Obama growing up right in front of us. Here Malia is in 2019 as a 20-year-old on vacation in Miami!

Sasha in Miami

Image courtesy of Grosby Group

Sasha isn’t going to let her older sister have all the fun! Here she is in 2017 in Miami, where she was protected by Secret Service agents while having fun with her friends.

Bill and Hillary dance

Image courtesy of Paul J. Richards—AFP/Getty Images

Here, Bill and Hillary Clinton dance on the beach at Megan Bay, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands in 1998.

Ivanka on vacation

Image courtesy of Getty Images

Here is Ivanka Trump in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, where she vacationed with her husband Jared Kushner in 2010.

Tiffany at Mar-a-Lago

Image courtesy of Tiffany Trump/ Instagram

Donald Trump’s youngest daughter Tiffany Trump, then 22, shared this photo to Instagram in 2015. She’s at her father’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

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Memories of better days

Image courtesy of People

Donald Trump Jr. is often as divisive as his father. But one of his better qualities is that he is a family man, and that makes this photo of himself, ex-wife Vanessa, and their many children very bittersweet.

Modern Melania

Image courtesy of The Daily Mail

Thanks to her previous modeling career, most of our “Melania at the beach” photos come from long ago. But this more recent photo shows that this former model definitely still has it!

Eric and Lara Trump with their dogs

Image courtesy of Lara Trump

It’s often tough to feel much in common with very rich people. But we have to say, seeing Eric and Lara Trump struggle to take a decent photo with their dogs is very humanizing!

Swing the child round and round

Image courtesy of The Guardian

Many say that modern generations have gotten softer than the ones before. And looking at this image of Jackie Kennedy swinging her daughter Caroline around, maybe older generations really were tougher.

JFK lifts his daughter

Image courtesy of WBUR

JFK famously had back troubles for much of his life. So while he couldn’t easily swing Caroline as Jackie did, he could certainly lift her up!

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Gerald Ford strikes a pose

Image courtesy of Underwear Expert

Gerald Ford doesn’t exactly dominate our political discourse as much as he once did. But this picture shows that he knew how to take a really dominating stance!

Harry Truman gets silly

Image courtesy of Reddit

Many presidents and their families try to look sexy at the beach. But Harry Truman wasn’t afraid to get silly near the water.

FDR rocks a one-piece

Image courtesy of the FDR Library

You might normally associate one-piece swimsuits with women. However, FDR rocked a one-piece with the best of them!

JFK: Our first sexy president?

Image courtesy of Bill Beebe

JFK is generally considered one of the first (if not the first) sexy American presidents. And looking at him getting admiring glances at the beach, we can tell why!

Nixon at the beach

Image courtesy of Buzzfeed News

Given the scandals surrounding his administration, Richard Nixon often comes across as a fairly serious president. But it’s hard not to laugh at this image of Nixon emerging from the water during some night fishing.

President or actor?

Image courtesy of The Hairpin

Famously, Ronald Reagan was an actor before he was president. And this image helps showcase the good looks of a very handsome actor!