10 Most Popular Nancy Pelosi Videos on TikTok

When it comes to politicians, Nancy Pelosi is highly divisive. Some see her as a living example of how far women have come, making her the ultimate girlboss who became a meme legend by doing things like dramatically ripping up Trump’s State of the Union speech. Others, however, see her as a partisan career politician who will say or do just about anything to keep her power.

Pelosi is far less divisive over on TikTok, though. While she still has haters over there, she also has a number of very popular videos that her fans rally around to support her.

What are these videos all about, and what are both Pelosi lovers and haters posting to the platform? Keep reading to discover the most popular Nancy Pelosi videos on TikTok!

Mid-interview reboot

Part of being a politician is having the gift of gab. And any given day, Nancy Pelosi has to spend countless hours talking. And in this clip, we can see that it’s starting to have an effect on her!

In the middle of the interview, Pelosi stops talking and suddenly chirps “Good morning, Sunday morning!” Cynics online noted that Pelosi’s brain seemed to “reboot” midway through. Others speculated that this might have been a microphone issue where someone from CBS’s Sunday Morning connected to her earpiece, prompting her to say “Good morning, Sunday Morning” to the third party.

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No talking today! 

Sometimes, politicians have weird little moments that we can relate to. In this case, it’s Nancy Pelosi struggling to end a conversation!

Watching her increasing frustration over trying to reschedule a conversation is extremely relatable. Who among us has not struggled to end a conversation with a really annoying person?

Dropping facts about facts


#NancyPelosi responds when asked about #Republican statements on BuildBackBetterAct: “Understand what’s happening around here, OK?” #news #politics ♬ original sound – ABC News

As we noted before, Pelosi is popular to some for her sassy and off-the-cuff actions and remarks. And we get a prime example in this clip.

A reporter asks how Pelosi would respond to Republicans critical of the Build Back Better Act. To this, Pelosi politely (but firmly) underscores that neither the reporter nor anyone else should consider Republican claims about budgets and costs to be “facts.”

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Being a savage


Reply to @1finecookie we stan savage NANCY PELOSI in this house 👏🏽👏🏽 #nancypelosi #housespeaker ♬ WAP BOTZ REMIX – Max Thompson

Do you wish Pelosi’s most sassy and savage moments could be captured in a single video? In that case, you’re in luck!

This clip captures some of Pelosi’s more iconic moments, including her ripping up Trump’s State of the Union speech in full view of the cameras.

She’s just happy to be here


Nancy Pelosi laughs when asked how meeting with President Biden in the White House was different from her meetings with Trump. #news #biden #trump ♬ original sound – cbsnews

Sometimes, reporters ask questions that have obvious answers. In this case, one asks Pelosi how meeting with Biden in the White House was different from meeting with Trump.

Pelosi responds with a prolonged laugh before incredulously asking “Do you really have to ask?” After that, she regains her composure and states they are just happy to be there and working on behalf of “the American people.” 

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“Welcome to my world”


#NancyPelosi says praises Democrats’ #diversity of opinion as uncertainty continues over major legislation. #news #politics #congress #pelosi ♬ original sound – ABC News

From the outside looking in, being a Democratic leader seems like herding cats. And based on this clip, Pelosi seems to agree!

When asked about the difficulty of getting the majority of Democrats on board for certain things, Pelosi sarcastically responds with “Welcome to my world.” She goes on to explain that differences of opinion are a sign of diverse opinions, which is a good thing… most of the time, at least.

Pelosi shows her strength


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaks with George Stephanopoulos on rejecting two GOP lawmakers nominated to Jan.6 committee. #news #thisweekabc #politics ♬ original sound – ABC News

Part of Pelosi’s job is to be strong when her country needs her. And we see that on full display in this clip.

When George Stephanopoulos asks Pelosi about rejecting certain GOP lawmakers from the January 6 committee. Pelosi goes on to explain how it’s important for the committee to be comprised of individuals who want to “find the truth” and that the truth they discover should “have the confidence of the American people.”

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Fighting for women’s rights


Pelosi on Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision to allow a Texas law banning abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy to remain in effect. #news ♬ original sound – cbsnews

As divisive as she can be, Pelosi is a hero to many women all around the country. And clips like this show why that is.

In the clip, Pelosi is asked how she feels about the Supreme Court allowing Texas to keep a ban on abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. Pelosi goes on to vow how she and her colleagues are going to work harder than ever to secure women’s control over their own bodies.

Dissing the “Trump credit card”


Nancy Pelosi says Congress has to pay for “the Trump credit card” — the $7 trillion+ added to the national debt under his administration. #news #politics #trump ♬ original sound – cbsnews

Pelosi and Trump are bitter enemies. And as this clip shows, that didn’t change simply because Trump lost re-election.

Here, Pelosi is discussing what she and fellow Dems plan to do to pay for the $7 trillion (yes, with a “t”) that Trump added to the national debt. In a fun turn of phrase, she describes this as money spent under a “Trump credit card” and points out that we are now on the hook to pay off that extra debt.

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Tough on Steve Bannon


#Speaker NancyPelosi: #Republicans should hold Steve Bannon in contempt because took oath to defend the Constitution. #news #politics #jan6 #trump ♬ original sound – ABC News

Pelosi has a well-earned reputation for telling things like they are. And in this clip, she is posed with a simple question: why should Republicans vote to hold Steve Bannon in contempt for refusing to speak with the January 6 committee?

Characteristically blunt, Pelosi points out that Republican lawmakers all took “an oath to protect and defend the Constitution.” She goes on to explain that this is about our system of checks and balances, and lawmakers refusing to punish those being investigated for potentially-criminal activity clearly do not care about protecting the Constitution anymore.