10 Most Popular Joe Biden Videos on TikTok

Sometimes, it feels you can drop a bomb into a conversation with only two words. And two words that always do the trick? “Joe Biden.”

We live in an overly polarized and politicized society. And that means simply bringing up the president’s name may be tantamount to drawing lines in the sand and asking people to pick a side. It certainly feels that way on most social media platforms where mention of Biden can lead to sudden partisan slap fights.

Fortunately, things are a bit more easygoing over on TikTok. Users realize that regardless of who you voted for, it’s fine to kick back and enjoy the strange (and often unintentionally hilarious) content the president provides us. Without further ado, here are the best and most popular Joe Biden videos posted on TikTok!

Biden and the fuzzy math

While he hasn’t reached George W. Bush levels of vocal mistakes, Joe Biden is often known for flubbing his words. And in this video, he seems to be flubbing his numbers as well!

Biden confidently tells us that COVID-19 has killed more people than World War 1, World War 2, Vietnam, and 9/11 combined. While COVID is very serious and should be taken as such, the simple fact is that these conflicts and attacks that killed millions still have a much higher collective body count.

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News good enough to miss a shower for

Part of the fun of any video platform is watching users react to different things. Whether real or staged, this allows us an awesome glimpse into other people’s lives.

In this funny video, we see a woman getting ready for her shower when she hears Biden announcing a child tax credit. As you can see, this seems to be news worth missing a shower for!

Biden serves up some word salad

A major part of being the president is making statements that will be heard all around the world. But Biden probably wishes this particular moment was captured in perfect posterity.

Here, Biden tries to tell us about the website Vaccine.gov. The problem is that he frequently substitutes “dot gum” for “dot gov,” and it’s very hard not to laugh.

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Too much sisterly affection?

It starts out as one of those cute videos where celebs answer questions about themselves that Google users have. And Biden responds to the question of whether or not he has a brother.

He confirms having a brother as well as a sister, and he then goes on to declare that his sister is “the love of my life.” Considering he is happily married to First Lady Jill Biden, this comment sounds downright weird!

“Not in my house, Jack!”


I just feel like this has potential as an audio. And yes this was obviously pre-covid. #joebiden #biden

♬ original sound – Joe

Once again, Biden opens his mouth with the best of intentions. But what comes out ends up being far funnier than intended.

Biden was speaking on the important topic of young men keeping other young men from taking advantage of drunk women. But the specific instruction to tell your fraternity brother “Hey, not in my house, Jack” ended up turning this into an audio snippet that countless users have had plenty of fun with!

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So much for “no umbrella left behind”

Whether you love him or hate him, it’s often difficult for the average person to relate to Joe Biden. After all, what do we have in common with somebody so wealthy, famous, and powerful?

Well, “hilarious laziness” might be the answer. This video shows Biden struggling to get an umbrella in the plane before just getting frustrated and leaving it there. That means every time you just leave those clothes piled up on a chair instead of doing something with them, you’re actually channeling the vibe of the most powerful man in the world.

Joe “all business” Biden

As we noted before, Biden is a divisive figure, and he has a number of critics on TikTok. But he also has an army of very supportive fans, including the one who made this video.

The video is simple enough: it shows Biden departing Air Force One and speaking to someone (presumably his driver). But between Biden’s sunglasses and the dramatic music, it comes across like a dramatic scene in a movie.

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Cracking a joke with a reporter


As the mic cuts off #joebiden jokes to a reporter over #afghan #deadline that the #nbc reporter will be the first he calls #fyp #bidenjokes

♬ original sound – Caspolnews

Part of being a divisive public figure is that you just can’t win. Sometimes, a simple word or action will turn half the people against you while making the other half cheer.

Here, a reporter asks Joe Biden what he will do if there are still Americans in Afghanistan after the U.S. withdraws from the country. While his mic is accidentally cut off, you can clearly see Biden saying that the reporter will be the first one he calls if that happens. Some thought this was a funny clap back to the reporter’s question, but others thought this signaled Biden not taking the Afghanistan situation seriously enough.

Showing off his grandfatherly skills


#president #JoeBiden chats with #kid during bill signing: “I can show you around the WhiteHouse.” #politics #news #US #biden

♬ original sound – ABC News

In this video, we see an adorable interaction between Biden and a seven-year-old boy, all while signing a bill. Obviously, Joe has the grandfatherly skills to get along with the youth!

But not all presidents are great with children. For example, a video of Donald Trump putting candy on a trick-or-treating kid’s head made it look like Trump was a visitor from another planet trying to master our human rituals.

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Stopping to smell the… dandelions?

Sometimes, popular TikTok videos are direct recordings of what someone says. But some of the most popular videos are the ones where someone adds new audio, effectively dubbing over what someone else might have said (or even not said).

The video itself shows a fairly innocuous moment where Biden picks a flower off the ground. But the audio provides a hilarious inner monologue for Biden’s head. BTW, good luck getting this audio out of your own head!