10 Funniest Donald Trump Videos on TikTok

We all know that Donald Trump is a very divisive figure. But one thing almost everybody can agree with is that in his own way, Trump is very, very funny.

Both during and after his presidency, news outlets loved to feature Trump’s craziest soundbites and actions. Who can forget the time the president stared into the sun during an eclipse or that time he asked a seven-year-old girl if she still believes in Santa Claus?

Now that Joe Biden is president, we don’t get a steady dose of hilarious Trump moments. But over on TikTok, the former president has become something of a meme legend. And for your enjoyment, we have rounded up the funniest Donald Trump videos on TikTok!

Trump hits kid on head with a baseball


I got Mr. trumps autographs at the World Series

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Donald Trump still makes many public appearances, including a recent appearance at the World Series game on October 30. A youngster noticed the former president and threw him a baseball to sign. 

Trump kindly signed the ball and tried to throw it back to the original kid. Instead, he managed to hit another kid in the head! Nobody was seriously injured, but we’re now more skeptical than ever of Trump’s claims that he could have been a professional baseball player.

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Trump on SNL

This clip is downright surreal to watch. After all, Saturday Night Live constantly mocked Trump during his presidency, and Trump responded by threatening the show with federal probes (on multiple occasions, no less).

But this SNL clip harkens back to 2015 when Trump was simply a presidential candidate. And he was willing to poke fun at himself back then. Unexpectedly, the clip highlights that Donald Trump really does have solid comedic timing.

“You’d be in jail!” 

Donald Trump becoming  a hit on TikTok was always inevitable. After all, a part of what makes him popular is that Trump speaks in funny soundbites and the occasional crushing insult, making him perfect for a platform that records videos in small chunks.

Here, a TikTok user highlighted the infamous debate moment. This is when Hillary Clinton expressed gratitude that Trump wasn’t in charge of the law within the country. Trump instantly responds with “because you’d be in jail” to the delight and amusement of his fans.

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Trump goes HAM on CNN

To say that Trump had a contentious relationship with CNN is putting it mildly. And their frequent clashes often led to funny moments.

We can see that in this clip where a CNN reporter tries to get a question in. Trump goes out of his way to say that “CNN is fake news” and “I don’t take questions from CNN” before pointedly calling on John Roberts of Fox, which he declares is “a real network” by comparison.

“You can’t throw a brick”

The increased frequency of protests in America has led many to debate what does and does not serve as an effective weapon in the hands of others. Here, Trump chimes in with some pretty strange thoughts on the matter.

Basically, Trump’s theory is that protesters were throwing cans and even bags of soup because they could later claim innocence (after all, nobody thinks of soup as a weapon). But to make this crazy claim, Trump went on to say that bricks are hard to throw but that someone could really “put some power” into a soup can!

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“It’s not a toupee” 

One reason that Trump is very funny is that he is very aware of how people perceive him. And he isn’t afraid to lean into the jokes at times. Especially jokes about his hair!

In this clip, Trump takes time to prove that his hair is “not a toupee.” This culminates with him inviting a random audience member up to yank on his hair and offer her thoughts on whether it was real or not.

“Crooked Hillary” got his mic

Again, Trump isn’t afraid of going for some self-deprecating humor. And in this clip, he calls back to one of his old catchphrases when dealing with a faulty microphone.

Once the mic is fixed, he begins addressing his followers again. Before he begins in earnest, though, he can’t resist joking that “Crooked Hillary” must have sabotaged his microphone!

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“Your mother’s voting for Trump!” 

Donald Trump is probably the only living president that is ready to roll with a “your mama” joke. Depending on your politics, this is either part of his appeal or part of why you think he is embarrassing.

In this clip, Trump is commenting on the appearance of a younger protester and sarcastically tells them to “go home to mommy.” You can then watch in real-time as Trump comes off with the final zinger for the protester: “Your mother’s voting for Trump!”

Trump’s handshake mistakes


Former President Donald Trump funny moments #trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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You might think that Donald Trump is an expert on handshakes. Not only does he pride himself in his strong handshake, but he has had a lifetime of shaking hands in his roles as businessman, celebrity, and president.

Sadly, and hilariously, Trump still manages to mess up handshakes, often with very important people. And this hilarious clip gives us a highlight of the funniest faux pas.

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Trump shoves other world leaders out of the way 


President Trump’s Funny Moments with World Leader 🔝😎

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It was always wild to see Donald Trump interacting with other world leaders. In America, part of Trump’s charm is that he is so unlike other politicians. So what is Trump like when he’s around the most important politicians in the world?

As it turns out, the answer is “pretty damn weird!” In this clip, we see Trump shoving other world leaders out of the way, presumably to pose for a picture. For better or for worse, we’re pretty sure that other leaders saw this man and this moment as the perfect representation of the United States!