Amid Rumors of a Split, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Post Photo Together

The gossip mill has been going overtime with rumors that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were splitting up. They tried to put an end to these rumors earlier this month, and they have now released an Instagram picture where they look smiling and happy to be together.

And the Instagram post is one part pleasure, one part business. As much as it helps show the world that this couple is still committed to one another, their post also served to announce a new brand partnership with Goli Nutrition.

Rodriguez posted the photo along with the caption “IT’S OFFICIAL! We are part of the @goligummy family!!” Expanding on this, he added, “Jennifer and I are very excited to announce that we’ve joined forces with Goli Nutrition. They’ve revolutionized the health and wellness industry with their innovative, delicious and nutritious gummies!”

This post wouldn’t have been such big news if it didn’t come at a critical period in their lives. Lopez and Rodriguez have been engaged for over two years yet haven’t tied the knot. Earlier in the month, there were rumors fueled by sources close to the couple saying they had called off the engagement and even split up.

To try to put a stop to these rumors, the couple put out a joint statement through TMZ that said the rumors are all wrong and that the couple is simply working through some issues. Soon afterward, Rodriguez flew to visit Lopez in the Dominican Republic (where she is filming for an upcoming movie called Shotgun Wedding).

This led to social media posts from the couple and several breathless news stories about their activities, including chilling at the beach, sipping drinks, and generally being very public with their affection.

Despite all of this, some fans still worried they might be splitting up and all of this was just a cover. But with the recent Instagram photo and mutual commitment to Goli Nutrition, it looks like they have successfully worked through their issues and are in this for the long haul.